Panda Helper Alternatives For Android & iOS

Panda helper is one of the most efficient unofficial platforms that gives you free access to lot of
tweaked, hacked and modded apps and games. It ranks top in the third party app market,
successfully beating its competitors with its elegant features. Fast and easy download ability of
Panda Helper app and its availability for both android and iOS devices have contributed
immensely to its higher popularity. However, you may need to find similar apps to Panda Helper
especially on occasions when you can’t find your favorite apps in there. Here, we have given a
list of apps like Panda Helper alternatives that allow you to find hacked, modded and many other
applications which are not available in official app stores.

Panda Helper Alternatives Apps

4. 25pp
5. AppCake
6. Zeus
7. TweakDoor
8. AppValley
9. Sileo
10. Tutu app

1. Emus4u

Emus4u is one of the top alternatives to Panda Helper. It is a popular app installer which was
available for iOS users only at the beginning. Now the developers have introduced an android
version also. It comes with a very fast and smooth interface. you don’t need to jailbreak your iOS
device to get the service of Emus4u. It offers some additional features which includes ‘Screen
Recorder’ and ‘Junk Cleaner.’. More importantly, Emsus4u has the ability to adjust according to
your device, once it is downloaded.

2. TweakBox

TweakBox is another great alternative to Panda Helper available for both android and iOS
devices.It is a treasure chest of tweaked apps and it is very famous among those who use tweak
apps for long period of time. You can also find lot of emulators in TweakBox in addition to
tweaked apps. TweakBox is also popular for distributing latest versions of top ranked apps like

Spotify++, YouTube++, Snapchat++. It features a user friendly inter face which enhance user
experience tremendously. .

3. ACMarket

ACMarket is popular among android users who have been using modded versions of applications
for a long period. The app store is not compatible with iOS devices and is specifically designed
for android users only. And it is considered as the top ranked unofficial app store among android
users. ACMarket is a free app store where you can find large number of hacked games and
tweaked apps.

4. 25pp

25pp is an unofficial app store which has specifically designed for iOS users. It is popular for
distributing apps which are not available anywhere else. However, you have to jailbreak your
device before using it. 25pp offers tweaked, hacked and modded applications users for free
downloading. Another drawback you have to deal with while using the app is its default
language is Chinese and it is hard to find desired apps if you don’t know Chinese. You can
change the language to English and enhance the user experience for the app. Once jailbreaking
process is finished, you can download and use 25pp on your iOS device quite easily. You can
find all latest and up to date versions of apps in it.

5. AppCake

AppCake is another third party app store which is available for only iOS devices. It is well
known for offering tweaked, modded and hacked applications for no cost. If you want to use
AppCake, you have to jail break your iOS device. It is recommended to use cydia for the
task of jail breaking. Eventhough AppCake requires jail breaking to install, many iOS
users get attract to it due to the fact that it delivers lot of fun apps on a slightly bigger

6. Zeus

When it comes to alternatives to Panada Helper, Zeus is the latest.It is not the most popular one,
but it is gradually reaching a massive global audience. Zeus is a brilliant alternative app store
which is famous among iOS users for delivering free sighing services. It is popular for providing
top quality hacked and modded applications also. You can find number of high quality screen
recorders and emulators in Zeus for no cost. Unfortunately, this unofficial app store works only
on iOS devices. However it doesn’t ask your device to be jail broken and it is completely free to
use. Another good thing about this app is its strict approach towards customer security.

7. TweakDoor

TweakDoor is a third party app store which is much popular among iOS users as an excellent
source of tweaked,hacked and modded applications. It is specifically designed for iOS devices.
Many iOS users prefer TweakDoor over other unofficial app stores because it can be used on non
jailbroken devices. It is not resource hungry and occupies a relatively small space in your device.
And it has a simple interface which is easy to navigate. The biggest drawback of this app is its
crashing habbit. Except this, it is a perfect must have for iOS users who are looking for similar
apps to Panda Helper.

8.  AppValley

When we consider the apps like Panda Helper, AppValley is among the top alternative stores.
AppValley is available for both iOS and android devices and it has gained a huge user data base
with its advanced features. It lets you get access to a large number of hacked, modded and
tweaked applications for free. You can download all the apps and games in a fast and easy fasion.
The app developers frequently update the app to add new contents and to ensure the safety. It is
an absolutely safe app store to use which contains no malware. The best part of AppValley is that
it doesn’t ask you to jail break your iOS device so that you will have no warranty issues.

9.  Sileo

Sileo is yet another popular third party app installer which is specifically designed for iOS
devices. One of the best thing about this app is its compatibility with wide range of iOS versions
such as 11,12,13,14. Selio is very much similar to Panda Helper and it is considered as a perfect
alternative to Panda Helper for iOS devices. It provides a smooth and quick app browsing
experience with its user friendly interface. The only main drawback of Selio is that it doesn’t
work on android devices. Apart from that, it offers some brilliant features and has got a massive
user data base within a short period of time.

10. Tutuapp

Tutu app is another great app like Panda Helper offering unofficial apps for both android and
iOS platforms. Tutu app is famous for its speedy download server which lets you download and
install variety of third party apps at a faster rate. It provides you with large number of hacked and
tweaked apps for no cost. The most impressive thing is that it does not ask you to jailbreak your
iOS device. And when it comes to android platforms, it does not require rooting your android
device. App developers update the Tutu app regularly to add latest contents and to enhance
security. It is considered as one of the safest option to get large number of hacked and moded
apps and games for your iOS or android device.

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There are some best panda helper alternatives for app stores to Panda Helper that will allow you to download your favorite hacked, tweaked and modded applications. Some stores mentioned above work on both android and iOS platforms. And some are restricted to one of them. Some need jailbreaking and
some doesn’t. You can compare and contrast the features of the app stores and pick the best
which perfectly match your requirements.

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