Panda Helper APK

Panda Helper Apk is one of the most reliable third party app stores for android users which has reached to a massive global audience with some of its exceptional characteristics. It delivers a large number of valuable apps, games, tweaks and many more for absolutely free.

The ability to access Panda Helper without rooting the android phone has increased its reputation among android users as a secure option to download third party apps. Its mainly due to the fact that rooted devices are at a risk of getting malicious software and hardly getting security updates.  Millions of android users from every part of the world have identified panda helper  as a remarkable way to get plenty of high quality apps and games  which are not available in anywhere else for no cost.

Download Panda Helper APK for Android Devices

Please follow this direct download link to install Application for any Android running Smart phones/ tabs.

Features of Panda Helper APK

Panda Helper posses all major key features of a high quality app store available for android users.

Some of the features of panda Helper which excite the users are listed below.

  • No rooting required
  • Perfectly works on all android devices
  • Large variety of amazing apps ,games and tweaks for completely free
  • Regular updates for bug fixing
  • Paid apps for free
  • Easy to understand download and installation process.
  • Attractive and user friendly interface

How to download and install panda helper on your android device.

The installation process is quite easy to understand. Any ordinary person can easily download Panda Helper on his android device by following the below mentioned steps.

  • Simply download the Panda Helper APK file on your android device using the above link.
  • Open the downloaded   .apk file   and select the Settings option
  • Enable Allow from this source
  • Let the installation process begin. It will take few seconds. Be patient till your term
  • Once installation is complete, you can see the Panda Helper icon on your device home screen. Now you can enjoy your favorite apps with Panda Helper.

How to fix Panda Helper not installed error

Even though it does not frequently occur, it has been identified as a common issue which annoys some users.

It can be easily fixed by a couple of methods provided below.

Enable to install from unknown sources.

  • Open settings and go to security
  • Then enable to install from unknown sources
  • Close settings and now the app should be downloadable.  
  • If not delete the app from your device. Keep unknown sources enabled and install it again.

Clear Data & Cache for Panda Helper

  • Go to settings and Tap storage
  • Tap on other apps
  • Click on panda helper
  • Tap Clear Cache and Clear Data, Now you can download the app.

How to use Panda Helper APK

Panda Helper lets you download and install bunch of modern apps in a fast and easy fashion. Even though you don’t require any special guidance on the functionality and usage of this third party app store, we would like to list following steps on how to use it for your convenience.

  • Tap on the Panda app icon on your home screen.
  • Go to your desired app category
  • Select the app you want. You can use the search option, if needed
  • Tap on install to download the app. wait few seconds
  • Once it is downloaded, The new app icon is visible on your device home screen
  • Now you can enjoy the downloaded app.


What is Panda Help App APK ?

It is one of the best unofficial app stores available for android users. It distributes thousands of versatile apps for completely free. Users can download and install Panda Helper without rooting their android devices. With the outstanding features it offers, Panda Helper has achieved a worldwide recognition as an excellent source of secondary apps for android users.

Is Panda App APK safe ?

Yes, it’s surprisingly safe to use as you don’t need to root your android device, exposing it to malware in order to get Panda Helper on it.

What is Panda Helper VIP ?

It is the paid version of Panda Helper which awards some extra benefits to users. You can enjoy high quality paid apps for free with Panda VIP. In order to get Panda VIP on your android device, you have to make a payment of $19.99 which is applicable for a period of one year.