Panda Helper VIP

Panda Helper VIP is well reputed as one of the most trustworthy app store which offers third party apps for both ios and android devices. You can find all kinds apps,tweaks, games and many more here for absolutely no cost. Panda Helper has a bunch of outstanding features to impress the users. Its clear and fast interface and the availability of large number of versatile apps,games and tweaks for free make it a perfect alternative to Apple app store as well as google play store. It requires no jailbreak on your iOS device and also no rooting on your android device. So you will have no warranty issues.

Panda helper comes in two versions as regular and VIP versions. Regular version is free and Panda VIP is the paid version. Both versions offers thousands of apps,games for free. However the VIP version gives you more access to modified apps and games, removing some restrictions. Specially if you are looking for an app store which provides paid apps for free, then panda VIP is the best option.

Panda Helper Download VIP version

What is Panda Helper VIP?

It is the paid version of Panda Helper. It has almost all basic features which are available in regular version and it awards some additional  benefits too. Panda  VIP is for those who need something more that the regular version doesn’t have. VIP version enable you to enjoy the best out of the panda helper, opening its full potential. It offers you paid apps for free. Panda Helper Pro is the best place to find hacked and tweaked apps and games. If you want to enjoy Panda Helper Pro, you have to make a non refundable payment of 12.99$. Once the payment is made, you are able to enjoy Panda VIP for a period of one year.

VIP version  offers some very special apps which cannot be found in regular version or any where else. Few of them are mentioned below.

App – Panda speeder

Panda speeder enable you to control the speed of the game . You can both fasten or slow down the game play with Panda Speeder.

Panda Auto clicker

Panda auto clicker allows you to automate repetitive tasks. It can do auto clicks so that you can set your fingers free during a game play.

Cloner Panda App

Panda cloner allows you to install multiple copies of the same app and each copy  can run parallel to others.

Panda cheat engine

It allows you to create cheats and hacks in games, using its manipulation tool.

Features of Panda Helper VIP

  • You can enjoy large number of modified apps for free
  • Perfect place to find hacked and tweaked apps
  • Available in both android and iOS devices offers paid apps for free
  • It enable you to enjoy the full potential of Panda Helper
  • It enable you to enjoy the full potential of Panda Helper Totally ad free.
  • distributes some extraordinary apps and games which can be found nowhere else.
  • No rooting is required for android devices
  • Works on non jailbroken iOS devices.
  • could be used on iOS devices without having an apple ID
  • Content is updated regularly with new apps and games.
  • It has a fast and smooth user interface.

How to download Panda Helper VIP for iOS

Jailbreaking is not necessary to download Panda Helper VIP on your iOS device. You can easily download panda helper by following the steps provided below.

  • First open the Safari browser on your iphone /ipad and navigate to the above link. (Here we recommend safari browser, because you can download and install panda helper vip on your iOS device without tons of issues with it.)
  • Then select the panda helper app version from the two versions (regular & vip), appeared on the page. Then tap  on the Download Panda Helper Premium version.
  • Now you have to go through the payment processes.
  • After that,  you will automatically get in to the Installation profile page, there tap on the Install option at the top right corner.
  • Tap on the Install option again on the next screen to begin the installation process
  • Wait  for the installing to be completed. Once it is completed, you can see the Panda vip icon on your device home page.
  • Now you can download your favorite apps,games,tweaks with panda app

How to download Panda Helper VIP for android

Download process is quite easy and simple. Rooting your android device  is not required to download Panda Helper VIP . You can simply follow the below guide to download Panda Help App on your android device.

  • Click on the above download button to download Panda Helper VIP APK file.
  • Now open the downloaded Panda Helper APK file
  • Tap on the install button to start the APK installation process.
  • It will take few seconds to complete the process.
  • Once the installation is complete, you can find the Panda Help App icon on the home page.
  • Now you can download your best-loved apps and games with Panda Helper app pro version

Here are some frequently asked questions on Panda Helper App VIP

What are the benefits of Panda App  VIP ?

Panda Helper VIP will offer you apps for free which are actually paid. It distributes hacked and tweaked apps for no cost. You can enjoy some extra ordinary apps and games which are not available in anywhere else.

How much do I need to pay for Panda VIP ?

You need to pay 12.99 $ to get the Panda Helper VIP membership. Once the payment is made, you will get the benefits until the end of one year.

Can I  get get a refund  after making the payment for Panda App VIP ?

No, it is not possible for you to cancel the membership and get your money back. The VIP membership is valid until completion of one year.